Radish Basketball Break 86 ~ 1000 Card Break


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Buyer of this spot will pay ONE DOLLAR to reserve their spot in the break and must pay the full amount of $399 PRIOR to the break.

Use the discount code RESERVE so you do not pay the $1 (and I don’t need to worry about refunding you the $1).  Failure to use the discount Code gives up you right to the $1 refund.




The buyer of this break spot is entitled to:

  • 40 Home Team Heroes (a total of 25 break spots will be available)



PayPal, Google Pay, USDC, ETH and BPx accepted as payment.  BPx only accepted for six spots.



-This is a 1000 Hero break

-For every color pop below the 1:100 ratio in this break, Radish will random off $100 to one of the break spots (note unsold break spots are eligible for this giveaway and any Black 1/1 hit during the break count as a Color Pop in the ratio)

-$1,000 paid to the owner of any break spot that hits a black 1 of 1 (you retain bounty card)

-$100 paid to the owners of any break spot that hits a gold 1 of 10 (you retain bounty card)


Prior to the break, each break spot holder will be randomized in order.  You will receive that card through each round.

If multiple color pops are ripped during the break, the break spot holder of the first color pop to be revealed will be the first to have a color pop revealed at the end once all cards are revealed.  Each subsequent break spot holder to have a color pop ripped in their break spot will follow in order in terms of color pop reveal at the end.

The break will be recorded.

Radish shall retain ownership of any break spots not sold.


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